About us

Chi Siamo ?    Leggi cosa dicono di noi alcuni... di noi...

We're a group of guys, so we define ourselves to pull down a few years to our age, with the bicycle "deep inside our soul". 

 We feel it like a second skin and it is the dress that we're never tired of wearing.

Qualcuno di noi la usa come semplice mezzo di trasporto per andare al lavoro, qualcun'altro la usa per svago, qualcuno si attacca il numero sulla schiena perché ha bisogno sempre di nuove sfide, alcuni di noi, dopo anni di professionismo, ora operano nel settore del ciclismo con esperienza e altissima professionalità.

Regardless of the past, aggregation and sharing are the two pillars that guide us in living the common passion for cycling and cycling.

How was the idea of ​​KOM YOU born? 

The idea of ​​Kom you begins to take shape during the last group releases of 2020, when everything began to change, it materializes during the hardest months of 2020, during those months of forced rest in which we have witnessed the cancellation of all the cycling events that we used to experience firsthand.

And it was precisely at that moment, each from his own home and isolated from the others, in the impossibility of being able to train, that we understood that we were called to a new challenge.

And this challenge was not giving up and proving to be true cyclists despite the difficulties, creating something completely new from nothing that would allow us and all enthusiasts to experience all cycling events in a completely new way, in total autonomy, but in any case without losing aggregation and sharing. Thus was born KOMYOU.

And the great fuel that gave strength to our project was the desire to take back our freedom and our passion.

The desire to feel the wind in your face, to climb an epic climb, to struggle, to feel leg pain, hunger, thirst, the desire to return to challenge others, ourselves and our limits.

The daring challenges, the impossible climbs, in sport and in life, make us stronger cyclists and give us the incentive to train, suffer, prepare ourselves as best we can to reach peaks that were unthinkable until yesterday.

This is cycling, this is sport and this is life: each of us moves the bar to discover new limits and new possibilities.

Thus was born the Challenge of Challenges: become the King of the mountains, climb as many climbs as you can, alone, with your friends or with your teammates, climb the rankings.

Iscriviti a KOM YOU, non trovare scuse.

Fight, attack every climb and reach the summit with us.

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